25.05.14 Eamon’s 1st Birthday Party

It was Eamon’s 1st birthday party with a gathering of family and friends helping to celebrate! A home-made feast was lovingly prepared to fill everyone’s tummies by mum and dad. Mummy Sera made a gorgeous candy bar set up with cupcakes and lolly treats. Daddy Tamas baked a fabulous, multicolored rainbow birthday cake!! Delicious, freshly-made, gourmet, wood-fire oven pizzas were on the menu! I’m sure everyone had an awesome time. Happy 1st Birthday again Eamon!

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17.08.13 Peggy’s Birthday Dinner

A German dinner gathering with close friends at Hofbrauhaus (18-28 Market Lane, Melbourne) was how Peggy celebrated her birthday. Live, jolly music from the band played whilst everyone enjoyed the food, company and conversation. Cake cutting couldn’t happen in the Hofbrauhaus dining hall, so, quick thinking from Paul landed everyone at QV foodcourt where a large and delicious vanilla sponge cake topped with fresh strawberries and chocolate made by Anne was demolished after singing Happy Birthday to Peggy!

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28.06.13 Private Function @ Golden Monkey

A classy and elegant Melbourne lounge on the trendy Hardware Lane strip, the multi-award winning Golden Monkey is the perfect place to gather for a private function like Wisewould Mahony Lawyers did on Friday. Taking its heritage from the opium dens of 1920’s Shanghai, this bar is world famous for its seductive décor, broad selection of quality drinks, beautifully complementing Asian tapas and talented, accommodating staff. Catering for the individual, small groups and larger functions, Golden Monkey is the cocktail lounge for every occasion!

To view all the photos, head to Golden Monkey’s Facebook Page

~ What went down at the lounge that night ~

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17.03.13 Aiden’s 1st Birthday Party

Cowboys, Cowgirls & Red Indians!! It was Aiden’s 1st birthday party! Family and friends came to help celebrate in style… wild wild west style. A delicious feast was prepared to fill everyone’s tummies before hopping into the huge jumping castle to see who could bounce the highest. Mummy Nany even made a gorgeous candy bar set up too, with ‘Wild West’-themed cake pops, cupcakes, donuts, marshmallows, chocolates and the awesome birthday cake. Just before the party ended, Daddy Adam and Alicia entertained everyone with a magic show that left everyone wondering how the magic tricks were done. It was an afternoon full of fun and running around, and I’m sure everyone had a fabulous time. Happy 1st Birthday again Aiden!

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10.03.13 William Lin Alumni Reunion Dinner

Imperial Chinese Seafood Restaurant hosted William Lin Alumni Reunion dinner in conjunction with Mr Sam’s 80th birthday celebration. Mrs. Ong decided that it would be a nice touch to have photos taken for memories and keepsakes of such an occasion where old students gathered to celebrate a reunion but also to wish one of the oldest teachers that taught in William Lin through many year levels!

To view all the photos, head to William Lin Alumni Gallery

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23.12.12 Rayden’s 100 Day Celebration

It’s the Asian tradition to celebrate 100 days of life for a newborn and it was Rayden’s 100th day!! A cause for a big celebration with neighbours, close friends and family as it was also Daddy Bryan’s 32nd Birthday! Mummy Erya prepared a feast and decked the place out, throwing an awesome party for the two boys in her life. Lots of food and plenty of laughter filled the household for the entire afternoon. Nothing beats a gathering with so much love!

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02.12.12 Mary’s Christening

On Sunday, St Jude’s Parish (49 George St, Scoresby) saw a gathering of family and close friends to witness the christening of Mary Elisabeth Biclar with Mum, Dad, Godmother and Godfather. There was another family who also had their son, Noah, christened at the same time. It was so sweet when they reached out to each other and held hands, Mary and Noah became christening buddies for life!
The event’s celebrations continued with plenty of food and BBQ in Jells Park nearby.
The talented Abi was there to keep everyone entertained with her gorgeous little face paintings on all the kids. I think the adults secretly wanted their face painted too!
Mary even had a delightful tower of delicious cupcakes created by Cheryl from Particular Cakes! Such a wonderful scrumptious selection from Vanilla, Carrrot, Red Velvet and Chocolate, all beautifully decorated. It’s no wonder eager hands and mouths were waiting for the ‘OK’ from Voan & Glenn to grab them off the ornate cake stand. The cupcakes were devoured and enjoyed within 2 minutes!!

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09.09.12 Lindy & Max Engagement Party

Lindy and Max are such an adorable couple together! Their afternoon engagement party was held at the Royal Brighton Yacht Club. Surrounded by close friends and family, there were plenty of laughs and love shared. Not only was it a celebration of their engagement, they also celebrated Max’s dad’s 70th birthday!
Delicious kosher bites and Gil’s delectable vanilla slice cake kept everyone full and satisfied.
Thank you Lindy and Max for having me share and capture this wonderful celebration with you.
Congratulations to you both! Hope to see you at your wedding!!

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