About Grace

I was the co-founder and one of the principal photographers of an awesome business, Candy Box Photography which sadly ended in July 2012. However, I’m now focusing on event photography but am also a part of the BLVD Media crew who are rocking the wedding photography and cinematography world. Plus, a part of the professional Dinography team producing high quality real estate and property images around Melbourne.

Based in Melbourne, my photography has allowed me to work locally with a diverse range of individuals and corporate clients but I have been extremely fortunate to have traveled interstate and overseas to photograph for weddings, product and lifestyle shoots, as well as, business opening events. This has resulted in a portfolio that is colourful and eclectic which also reflects on my individuality.

I am an avid globe-trotter by nature – one who loves to experience new countries, cities, people, cultures and food!

This site is a collection of some of the work that I do as part of the companies I work with but also show casing some of my own personal projects and perhaps give an insight to who I genuinely am – not just another photographer or artist.

Photography is my passion and my life! My experience in professional photography is ever-growing, there will never be a stage where I will stop learning. I constantly enrol myself in seminars, workshops and courses because I strongly believe that it is vital for me to invest in my craft and skill. I want to ensure that I provide my clients with a premium service and excellent, high-quality images.

I tend to like photographing people more than anything else because of the social interaction which creates dynamic captures. I’ve always been a charismatic, people-person. I thrive on the ability to communicate my ideas and pulling out expressions that is captured and immortalised in my photos.

I love clean, sharp, vibrant, colourful images with lots of emotion.

Please feel free to contact me if you like my work or to discuss your photography requirements.
I am available for commission within Melbourne, Interstate and Internationally. It would be a pleasure to hear from you.

Grace Lye | Melbourne's Leading Female Event Photographer
Photographed by Katlin Dang

I’m also one of the managing co-organisers of the international photography enthusiast community called ‘Snappy Shutters‘. Our aim is to encourage, teach and learn from each other within the community to help one another grow in our passion for capturing beautiful images. The group was created by Renyi Chin in 2008, we’ve seen this group expand to over 900 members world wide in 4 years. Our activities are now primarily based in Melbourne, however, we have organised events in Sydney, Singapore, Perth and Malaysia when we travel and have the opportunity to visit our counterparts.


“What is a quote you like in regards to photography?”
“Photography, it remembers the little things long after you’ve forgotten them” – Aaron Siskind

“What is one tip you would give a friend who is just starting to learn photography?”
Learn, Practice, Share. There is a wealth of knowledge available at your fingertips with the internet. Practice what you learn. Share with others and you never know but they may have input and a new angle on what you have already learnt… and then the cycle begins again… Learn, Practice, Share!

“What would you say separates you from other photographers?”
My personality – no one else can be who I am to do what I do. I’m a social, bubbly person who gets people hyped up for the big smiles and happy vibes. I communicate my ideas well to produce the images I want to capture. People know that I put 110% in as I’m extremely passionate about what I do.

“What is one piece of advice you would give to people who are looking to hire a photographer for themselves?”
When hiring a photographer for a portrait, wedding or anything that deals with personal interaction, make sure you meet your photographer and feel a connection. The worst thing to have is someone who doesn’t make you feel at ease or comfortable. It will show in the photos and you will remember it as a not so pleasant experience.

“What are your interests besides photography?”
Some of my other loves are salsa dancing, pool / snooker, poker, ten-pin bowling, painting, computer gaming, travelling and eating!

Wedding & Portrait Photographers International Member

‘The Kids Activity and Safety Guide’ which provides children with entertainment and education, keeping them occupied and hopefully appeasing the traumatic experience whilst being in hospital. The contents of this publication illustrate health and safety aspects of every day to day occurrences that happen around the home and elsewhere, making children aware of various dangers and hopefully prevent accidents.

Grace Lye (JustGraced) Melbourne Female Photographer
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